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Here are a few of my latest  testimonials:

"Looking at my dull skin today and can't wait for Clear+Brilliant on Monday!"  H.C.  

"OK, people won't stop telling me how good my skin looks..this has NEVER happened to me.  That Sciton laser is amazing!!"  E.R.  Rx Sciton HaloPro for sun damage and pigment 

" I really really love you. Thank you as always for making me gracefully age."  

T.A.  Rx Botox and Restylane Refyne in lower face

" So happy I can now look in the mirror-thank you for going above and beyond" 

J.S. Rx  Restylane Lyft cheeks and jawline, Botox  lower face

" Lips are lovely and subtle..so subtle I may want more...thinking about it!!!  

Joann,  Rx Juvederm Ultra  Lips

"Not swollen at all!!! Lips look absolutely perfect and no bruising thank you to the master!!!" 

C.S. Rx  Lips Restylane Refyne

"Love you doc, eyes look amazing."  

B.F.  Rx  hollowing under eyes, Restylane and Botox

" My face really looks great. I'm very impressed with the Sciton Halo + Sente Skin Care line."  Susan 

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